FAQ About Sterile Substrate

Would you like more information about our Sterile Substrate? We’ve put together a list of the most FAQ’S.

Sterile substrates should be stored at ambient temperature, in the absence of direct sunlight.

If they are stored at room temperature and away of direct sunlight sterile substrates can be retained for several months before use.

All sterile substrates can be kept in storage for a number of months before being used if they are kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. We advise keeping sterile substrates at ambient temperature rather than refrigerating them.

Temperature sensors and biological markers are used to confirm sterility. An industrial-grade autoclave is used to treat sterile substrates.

We are always willing to assist. Please contact us if you’ve ever been unhappy with one of our items for any reason. Our goal is to assist you in growing mushrooms effectively, and we are here to support you along the way. Definitely! 100% of www.edumushroom.com products are guaranteed.

A 0.2-micron filter patch and a self-healing injection port for use with spore or culture syringes are included in the bags to prevent airborne pollutants and maintain equal gas exchange while colonisation takes place. Our special combination of hydrated, nutrient-rich organic millet and wheat berries is included in each spawn bag.

Mycologists created our top-selling organic sterilised grain bag to enhance the rate and size of your mushroom growth.

Before injecting, we advise you to let your injection port bag settle for a few weeks. This will reveal any shipping problems that may have existed and stop the wasting of spores or culture syringes.

Normally, we do not advise using a full syringe in a single bag. 2.5 to 5ccs per 3lb injection port bag are what we advise. By doing this, you introduce too much moisture, which may oversaturate the bag. This oversaturation has a tendency to pool and become anaerobic. As a result, colonisation of the mycelium will be challenging. When you receive your online ordered bag, we suggest awaiting two weeks before you begin using it. This waiting period will reveal any problems that may have arisen during shipment and stop spores from being wasted.

Boomr Bag is a hygienic bulk substrate made from sterilised horse manure that may be used to produce any eatable mushroom species that like dung. It has been refined over many years for dung-loving mushroom species, and mushroom farmers mostly embrace it. Utilize your Boomr Bag to produce mushrooms in monotubs, outdoors beds, moisture grow rooms, or Martha setups.

The Boomr Bag contains a secretive unique mixture of coco coir, decomposed horse dung, and other high-quality substrate additions.

Any mushroom type that favours a nutritionally medium, such as Agaricus sp., shaggy mane, oyster mushrooms, and more, will thrive on it as a substrate. You may cultivate the dung-loving fungus of your choosing with Boomr Bag.

For every 5-pound Boomr Bag or Wood Lovr, we advised using 1 lb of colonised grain spawn. Your results may increase if more people receive the vaccine. Be careful to fully include your substrate with your grain spawn. To prevent the spread of pollutants, we always advise using rubber gloves and clean hands.

Your Boomr Bag may be used as an outdoors bed, filtration system, or monotub.

Microbiologists created Wood Lovr, a sterile mushroom substrate made from wood chips, for species that like hardwoods. Using your Wood Lovr to produce mushrooms from a bag in a moisture grow room or Martha setting, or in monotubs or outdoor beds.

www.edumushroom.com hardwood chips and sawdust in a range of small and medium enterprises particle sizes are found in Wood Lover. Increased nitrogen supplementation aids in accelerating development and boosting production.

You can cultivate the wood-loving fungus of your choosing with your WoodLovr bag. This contains nameko, lion’s mane, oyster mushrooms, and much more! Any mushroom type that loves a hardwood-based medium may grow well on it.

For every 5-pound Boomr Bag or Wood Lover, we advised using 1 lb. of colonised grain spawn. Your accomplishment may increase if more people receive the vaccine. Be careful to fully include your substrate with your grain spawn. To prevent the spread of pollutants, we always advise using rubber gloves and clean hands.

Your Wood Lovr combination is suitable for use in a monotub, filtration system, or outdoors bed.

We have made the video featuring BoomrBag (which you can substitute for Wood Lovr depending on the species you are growing) for the monotube tek guide.

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