BoomRoom FAQ for the Full Kit

Would you like more information about our BoomRoom Full Kits? We’ve put together a list of the most FAQ’S.

It is critical that no more than 20 pounds of weight be placed upon every shelf, since surpassing the max shelf limit can break the BoomRoom and constitute a potential concern. The highest shelf weight is twenty pounds.

Your BoomRoom can accommodate twelve 5-pound fruiting blocks or grow kits. We propose that and four be placed on the additional two full shelves, two be placed on the half shelf (above the Myco-Mister), two be placed behind the Myco-Mister (bottom shelf). We Must Not Suggest getting any fruiting blocks or grow kits on the top rack, which houses the FAE fan, since this will obstruct air movement, gaseous interchange, and spore filtering.

Yes. Mushrooms even though they don’t need light for photosynthesis (as plants do) need it to create fruiting bodies. Oblique sunlight from a window ought to be sufficient for house plants. But you will require to replenish light with a CFL or an LED strip in the blue spectrum if you choose to cultivate in a dim or windowless space (such as a garage, basement, or closet) (above 5000K).

Mushrooms, such as Lion’s Mane, Oyster, Shiitake, Chestnut, Pioppino, Nameko, and others, may be grown as they are eatable and therapeutic. Although several of them may also be cultivated in trays, most of these are grown in bags. (Take note that various species cannot be cultivated simultaneously since they each have individual growth requirements. Shiitake mushrooms, as an illustration, like lower temperatures and greater humidity levels.)

Trays can also be used to grow Psilocybe* mushroom species as P. Cubensis. Nonetheless, a few U.S. states have laws against using hallucinogenic mushroom spores.

Know the laws that apply where you live or work. North Korea does not support the cultivation of hallucinogenic mushrooms in areas where it is currently prohibited. Products from North Spore must only be used for legal reasons.

Yes. Mushrooms even though they don’t need light for photosynthesis (as plants do) need it to create fruiting bodies. Diffuse sun from a window should be sufficient for indoor gardening. But you will need to replenish light with a CFL or an LED strip in the blue spectrum when you decide to cultivate in a dim or windowless space (such as a garage, basement, or closet) (above 5000K).

Your BoomRoom and each of its parts will gather spores as parts of the mushroom growing procedure. Cleaning is advised every fruiting cycle or more frequently if there has been an excessive spore buildup.

  • Extract: Gently scrub the surface while tepid water is running to remove any visible spore accumulation or until the water runs clear. Remember: The filtration will start to deteriorate after a number of washings. When this occurs, you ought to swap it out for a fresh one.
  • Ducting: Be using a wet pad and a gentle cleaner when ventilating. NEVER use chemicals.
  • Steel Frame and Shelf: Use a moist swab and a moderate cleaner on the steel frame and shelf. NEVER use chemicals.
  • Clear Vinyl Tent: Use a moist swab and a gentle cleaner on the clear vinyl tent. NEVER use abrasives or bleach. Following wiping your BoomRoom tent, you may sterilise it by spraying inner surface and outside of the tent with a 70% isopropyl alcohol mixture.
  • Spore-Covered Floors: Employ a moist pad and a mild cleaner on spore-covered floors. NEVER use abrasive particles or chemicals.
  • Electronic Components: Check the instructions provided for the electronic components (FAE Fan, Diffuser, and Humidity Sensor) for any producer instructions. Warning: When connecting your BoomRoom components back in, always give them enough for drying time.

To prevent calcium and lime buildup, ALWAYS use distilled water in your humidifier.

You can use the following water + vinegar solution, if you have mineral buildup on your ducting, shelves, and/or clear vinyl tent. To neutralize calcium and lime mineral buildup white vinegar and other organic acids can be used. Mix boiled water and vinegar in an even Equal ratio to use a spray bottle. Spray the solution onto the affected areas and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Then wipe off.

Consult the manuals included for specific protocols set by the manufacturer for electronic components. 

CAUTION: Before plugging them back in always allow ample time for your BoomRoom components to dry.

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to unpack all the components and 30 minutes to set everything up, once you have cleared a space for your BoomRoo. We recommend reading the included BoomRoom Set Up & Grow Guide prior to unpacking and setting up to streamlines the process.

We recommend placing your BoomRoom away from direct sunlight, and in a part of the home that stays between 60-80 degrees fahrenheit. We decided not to incorporate a heating device because of aforementioned. Any colder, and your mushrooms will stop growing. Any warmer, and your mushrooms will dry out. Mushrooms prefer cooler temperatures with high humidity.

The BoomRoom Complete Kit is shipped in two separate boxes, which may arrive separately.

Dimensions: 63″ H x 27″ W x 19″ D


  • Pow: 40W
  • Cur: 0.13A
  • Fre: 60HZ
  • Spe: 2600r/min
  • Vol: 110v
  • Air: 220(m3/h)
  • Pre: 150(Pa)
  • Noi: 28dB(A)


• 22w of power

• 120V/60Hz • 6.0 L of capacity

Noise level: 40 dB

• Lowest setting produces 140 mL/hr of mist; highest setting produces 300 mL/hr (+20%).

The BoomRoom Complete Kit and each BoomRoom branded component comes with a (1) Year Limited Warranty.

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